Asia Project Notes

Lilly – Singapore

•Population 5.31 million

•Sir Stamford Raffles foundSingapore

•Lee Kuan Yew was first prime minister

Chloe – Hong Kong

•Temperature is 15 – 20 degrees Celsius


•Hong Kong is part ofChina


Dev – South Korea

•Population is 50,004,000

•Home of Gangnam Style

•Baseball is popular sport

Eden – Bali

•Lots of rice fields

•They dance to show their feelings

•Ganach is a Hindu God

Jack – Brunei

•Flag represents sultan/king (yellow)

•They have won the soccer cup

•Population 37,457

Mattias-  Japan

•Capital isTokyo

•Favourite sports are football, basketball, netball and soccer

•Population is 22,620,600

Zoe – China

•Biggest country inAsia

•Great Wall of Chinais there

•Cold & dry in the north, wet & hot in the south

Alex – North Korea

•Only 2 seasons – summer and winter

•Yin-yang culture

•Capital isPyongyang

Bailey – Taiwan

•Have famous table tennis players

•Foods are rice and meat

•Temperature about 22 degrees


Elenor – India

•2nd largest country in the world

•Rupee is the money

•National animal is tiger, flower is lotus and fruit is mango

Afrah – Sri Lanka

•Population 21 million

•Land size likeTasmania

•Food is rice & beef curry

Tommy – East Timor

•Capital is Dili

•Population is 1,107,432

•Located near the equator

Bryn – Pakiistan

•Hindu temples

•Native animals are deer, boar, bears, crocodile, otter and fish

•Mid size country

Ore – Phillipines

•Capital is Manilla

•Population is 99.656 million

•Lots of tropical natural disasters

Ella – Papua New Guinea

•Money is kina or toa

•Capital isPort Moresby

•Kokoda track is a popular tourist attraction

Isabel – Indonesia

•Native animals are tigers, komodo dragons and orangatangs

•Population is 242,325,638

•3 crater lakes – light blue, red and black

Imran – Bangladesh

•Had a 9 month war againstPakistan

•Saint Murris beach is a tourist attraction

•Capital isDhaka

Ece -Thailand

•Money is baht

•Foods are spicy

•Flag represents religion and king

Madeline – Vietnam

•Had a war withAmerica

•Capital city isHanoi

•Biggest festival called Tet

Shakira -Cambodia

•Favourite food is crabrice

•Population is 13,995,000

•Angkor Wat is famous place

Theo – Russia

•-71 degrees – lowest climate

•Capital city isMoscow

•Islam is main religion

Julian – Malaysia

•Home toPetronasTwinTowers

•Currency is ringgit

•LegoLandis there

Eamon – Laos

•Food is buffalo, spicy meat

•Language is Lao French

•Population is 6.5 million


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