Week 28 100 Word Challenge – …the noise was deafening…

16 seconds was all that was left on the clock til the end of the grand final.  The San Antonio Spurs led against Miami Heat, 100- 99, at Miami’s home court.  Norris Cole, the youngster, has shot three 3 pointers from down town.  Chris Bosh has scored 2 dunks and 5 goals.  Dwayne Wade, number 3, is the best defender.  But the superstar Lebron James  has the ball, shoots for 3 and fails!  The ball falls into the hands of Wade who does a bomber which  took about 10 seconds to get down to the other end of the court. James bounced the ball to half court and had a shot.  The ball fell.  The ball rolled around the ring & went in!  Buzzzzzzzz –  the noise was deafening “I couldn’t hear a thing over the buzzer and crowed “said Lebron James.  The end scores  were 100-102.  MIAMI HEAT CHAMPIONS.

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