Interpretation of ART

The Hot Croc

This aboriginal painting is about a crocodile and some fish.  The sun is setting.  I tis very hot.  The sun is shining bright in the sky above the creatures.  The sun is so, so hot.  It is burning their skin.  The red, orange and yellow dots represent the sizziling hot sun.  The blue dots represent the still water.  The brown dots represent the sand at the bottom of the river.  The green dots represent the scaly skin of the big, hot, hungry crocodile.  The little fish look happy swimming around, playing but they are frozen in fright!  They know they are the crocodiles dinner tonight!  The painter is showing what can happen out in the wild.  It was probably painted on a cave wall in the Northern Territory.


By Thomas

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    I hope you had a fantastic holiday! Your story is well written and very interesting! Well Done!
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