The Dell – By Thomas H Russell

 It was the summer of 1963.  The Dell was the most popular beach.  You could walk for miles and the water was only up to your ankles.  Tom and Jim always explored The Dell.  They were best friends.  Tom and Jim found green glass bottles in the sand.  The boys thought the green glass bottles were like treasure as they were from the mineral springs and spas that were in Clifton Springs in the 1800s.  The springs offered crystal clear waters which were believed to have healing powers.  Sometimes they found golf balls from the golf course nearby where people would hit the balls so far and high it goes over the fence and lands a mile away on the shore.

 One day Jim decided to investigate the remains of the broken old pier.  This was known as Steamship Jetty where boats called Kangaroo andJaffadid steam excursions fromGeelong.  Jim went out into the sea for a look at the pier. As he got out to the last post he saw a weird looking hole.  As he went over to have a closer look, there was a strange gust of wind.  He lost his balance and fell into the hole.  The water had gotten very deep by now.  This was a bad decision – he felt like he was drowning.  When Jim had clambered back to the surface he saw a little jagged rock floating in the water.  Although he thought it was a rock, it was actually the finn of a GREAT WHITE SHARK!  The great white jumped out of the water.  It had giant gaping jaws.  Jim ducked and just escaped being attacked by the skin of his teeth.  The shark had missed Jim but his jaws clamped onto that last post of the pier.  The shark fell back and hit the sea bed hard.  It’s tooth was still stuck in the post!  Jim plucked out the tooth and took it back to shore, but before leaving he said bye to the shark and smiled at it.  The shark looked like it was crying.

 Jim went back to Tom.  The friends gazed at the toothy treasure that Jim had collected.  It was AMAZING!  It was shimmering white.  The boys went home to record their amazing adventures.  This was one of the top adventures.  Then they added the tooth to the collection of treasures.  They had bones, talons, feathers, special gold shells and now a prized shark tooth.


Asia Project Notes

Lilly – Singapore

•Population 5.31 million

•Sir Stamford Raffles foundSingapore

•Lee Kuan Yew was first prime minister

Chloe – Hong Kong

•Temperature is 15 – 20 degrees Celsius


•Hong Kong is part ofChina


Dev – South Korea

•Population is 50,004,000

•Home of Gangnam Style

•Baseball is popular sport

Eden – Bali

•Lots of rice fields

•They dance to show their feelings

•Ganach is a Hindu God

Jack – Brunei

•Flag represents sultan/king (yellow)

•They have won the soccer cup

•Population 37,457

Mattias-  Japan

•Capital isTokyo

•Favourite sports are football, basketball, netball and soccer

•Population is 22,620,600

Zoe – China

•Biggest country inAsia

•Great Wall of Chinais there

•Cold & dry in the north, wet & hot in the south

Alex – North Korea

•Only 2 seasons – summer and winter

•Yin-yang culture

•Capital isPyongyang

Bailey – Taiwan

•Have famous table tennis players

•Foods are rice and meat

•Temperature about 22 degrees


Elenor – India

•2nd largest country in the world

•Rupee is the money

•National animal is tiger, flower is lotus and fruit is mango

Afrah – Sri Lanka

•Population 21 million

•Land size likeTasmania

•Food is rice & beef curry

Tommy – East Timor

•Capital is Dili

•Population is 1,107,432

•Located near the equator

Bryn – Pakiistan

•Hindu temples

•Native animals are deer, boar, bears, crocodile, otter and fish

•Mid size country

Ore – Phillipines

•Capital is Manilla

•Population is 99.656 million

•Lots of tropical natural disasters

Ella – Papua New Guinea

•Money is kina or toa

•Capital isPort Moresby

•Kokoda track is a popular tourist attraction

Isabel – Indonesia

•Native animals are tigers, komodo dragons and orangatangs

•Population is 242,325,638

•3 crater lakes – light blue, red and black

Imran – Bangladesh

•Had a 9 month war againstPakistan

•Saint Murris beach is a tourist attraction

•Capital isDhaka

Ece -Thailand

•Money is baht

•Foods are spicy

•Flag represents religion and king

Madeline – Vietnam

•Had a war withAmerica

•Capital city isHanoi

•Biggest festival called Tet

Shakira -Cambodia

•Favourite food is crabrice

•Population is 13,995,000

•Angkor Wat is famous place

Theo – Russia

•-71 degrees – lowest climate

•Capital city isMoscow

•Islam is main religion

Julian – Malaysia

•Home toPetronasTwinTowers

•Currency is ringgit

•LegoLandis there

Eamon – Laos

•Food is buffalo, spicy meat

•Language is Lao French

•Population is 6.5 million


Week 28 100 Word Challenge – …the noise was deafening…

16 seconds was all that was left on the clock til the end of the grand final.  The San Antonio Spurs led against Miami Heat, 100- 99, at Miami’s home court.  Norris Cole, the youngster, has shot three 3 pointers from down town.  Chris Bosh has scored 2 dunks and 5 goals.  Dwayne Wade, number 3, is the best defender.  But the superstar Lebron James  has the ball, shoots for 3 and fails!  The ball falls into the hands of Wade who does a bomber which  took about 10 seconds to get down to the other end of the court. James bounced the ball to half court and had a shot.  The ball fell.  The ball rolled around the ring & went in!  Buzzzzzzzz –  the noise was deafening “I couldn’t hear a thing over the buzzer and crowed “said Lebron James.  The end scores  were 100-102.  MIAMI HEAT CHAMPIONS.

100wc week 34 Mission Zoo Keepers

Bam! The blood sucking rock monster of New York had escaped from its cage at the zoo!!!  The zoo sent its best Keepers to go and stop it. Their names were Ani and Obi.  The keepers were armed with dangerous weapons that could cut through steel.  The rock monster had destroyed all of Manhattan and was on its way to New Jersey.  Ani and Obi had a meeting.  Their idea was to try to beat the monster.  Ani suggested cutting of its arms and legs, while Obi thought they should surprise it and trap it that way.  Which idea do you think was the most effective? 



When was the last time you saw a polar bear wearing an expensive black suit eating a box of sizzling summer shapes while flying through the air on a hang glider? Or a flame throwing turtle jumping over hurdles and beating the rabbit to win the race? What about an invisible guy driving a bulldozer that was stuck in the snow in the middle of a desert? Or maybe a golden goanna that has light shining bright from its awesome gold scales that likes drinking milkshakes and doing cartwheels, while riding a unicycle? Don’t know about you, but I think the things you can see in your dreams are amazing!

100 WC – Week 35 – The light was so bright

Anakin Skywalker had turned to the Dark side of the Force. Armed with his light sabre,he went to Musford to battle his once master Obi Wan Kenobi as the Sith leader Emporer Palpatine had told him to destroy.  Obi Wan Kenobi came with his light sabre ready to fight Anakin.  When the 2 light sabres clashed, the light was so bright.  It was like a meteorite explosion.  The battle was fierce.  The Jedi master beat Anakin and cut off his arms and lower limbs.  Emporer Palpatine came to Anakin’s side on Musford and rebuilt his broken body into the black armour of Darth Vadar.

100WC – Practice – BASKET BALL!!!

The ball went up.  Thomas jumpped up and got the ball out of the ball up. He passed to Hunter, Hunter passed to Jack, Jack bounced the ball back to Thomas, Thomas shot a 3pointer-  the ball fell through the net for a swish. 3-0blinked on the scoreboard for St.Christophers as they led their opponents the Blue Devils.  Number 43 for the Devils passed in the ball. Thomas ran down the court and and stole the ball from them.  Then he passed to Hunter.  Hunter had a shot.  It bounced off the back board and they re-bounded.  Jack got the ball, aimed for the hoop  & scored.


What does dreamtime mean to aboriginals?

It’s how they think the world was created and they believe that that was how they were created just like God or the Big bang.
Why did the aboriginals paint with there hands ? To tell stories to other people
Why is dreamtime so important to aborigines?
The Dreamtime is the Aboriginal understanding of the world, of it’s creation, and it’s great stories. The Dreamtimeis the beginning of knowledge, from which came the laws of existence. For survival these laws must be observed. The Dreaming world was observed.The Dreamtime is the Aboriginal understanding of the world, of it’s creation, and it’s great stories. The Dreamtime is the beginning of knowledge, from which came the laws of existence. For survival these laws must be done at all cost .
  Maybe warn of any dangers out there.  They also crushed clay and other plants to make  there variety of colours.To paint on there rocky house walls .why did the white people snach aboriginal childen ?  in 1885-1969 it was a stolen geniration childen in aboriginal familys they  were forced to work on farms for white setlers .The reason the children were taken was that the white settlers believed that the aboriginals would die off, and the land would be sold for farms.